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3-Ingredient Stewed Berries with Chia

Berries! One of the most potent “superfoods” on the planet; immunity boosting, loaded with antioxidants, high in fibre and nutrients, berries are beneficial to everybody.

3-Ingredient Stewed Berries with Chia recipe halifax nutritionist nova scotia

One way to access berries in the winter is to use frozen berries; try them stewed with chia and citrus.

Enjoy as a topping, a jam, or as is. It’s filling, curbs a sugar craving, and kids often love this, too.


  • ️3 Cups frozen strawberries

  • 3 TBSP chia seeds

  • 2 TBSP juice of lemon or orange

On low heat, in a med pot, simmer the berries, chia and citrus for 15 - 20 mins. Let cool completely. Then store in an airtight container and enjoy cold or at room temperature.


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