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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer sessions online?
    Yes, Healthy Self is an online service. Your appointment can be held online via Zoom, FaceTime or by phone call. You can make your selection of appointment type when you book.
  • Do you accept clients from outside of Nova Scotia?
    Yes! Healthy Self accepts clients for online/phone appointments from all across Canada. Please be aware that our schedule/emails are sent from the Halifax timezone (GMT-4).
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Healthy Self accepts credit card payments and E-transfer payments. Once you have completed your appointment, you will receive an invoice with a link to securely pay by credit card, or instructions on how to pay via E-transfer. (E-transfer option is limited to clients within Canada).
  • Does my insurance cover my visit to a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant?
    Coverage varies depending on where you live in Canada and your plan. Nova Scotia is one of few provinces that does not currently cover the cost of seeing a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant (RHN). If you live outside of Nova Scotia, your insurance may cover your visits to see a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, up to a certain amount. Healthy Self Nutritional services are covered by some health care plans, under the category of Naturotherapist. Contact your provider for more information.
  • I want to be proactive with my health care.
    It is so wonderful when a client wants to be proactive with their health care! The health of the immune system is greatly affected by nutritional status, stress management, and sedentary lifestyle. There are a number of factors that can improve the functioning of the immune system. In addition, hydration, mental attitude, regular exercise, rest and relaxation, a spiritual or meditation practice for some, and, of course, adequate sleep, can further improve immune system function. I can educate you on how to take a proactive approach to strengthen your immune system.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We require 24 hours’ notice for any cancelled appointments.
  • What if I'm late for my session?
    If you are late for the start time of your booked appointment, you are still entitled to the remaining time (ie: if you are 10 minutes late for a 60-minute appointment, you will still be able to participate in the session for the remaining 50 minutes). As a courtesy to all clients, if you are late for your appointment it is not possible to run later than your original booking (as that extra time may impede on another client’s session).
  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please contact us via the contact form or by email.
  • How can I clear up my skin?
    Proper nutrition is essential to obtaining healthy skin; beautiful skin comes from within. Skin conditions like acne, eczema, rashes and dry skin can actually be signals from your body that something is out of balance. For example, food intolerances, lack of essential fatty acids, stress, gut flora imbalance, or even contact dermatitis can be contributors. Since our skin is the primary organ of detoxification of the body, we can learn a lot about what is happening internally. We can work together to understand what is triggering your skin flare ups and how to heal your skin naturally from within.
  • How can I learn how to cook in a way that is nutritious and delicious?
    Helping people learn to love cooking and eating healthy and delicious food is my top priority. During our consultations, I will provide you with a variety of recipes to meet your dietary requirements, preferences, and budget. We will design a personalized meal plan, based on your health goals, to help you transform your cooking and eating habits. In some cases, I will provide a “staples” grocery list as well.
  • I want to start taking supplements, but have no idea where to start.
    There are a variety of supplements available today. It can be overwhelming trying to determine where to start. Approximately 50% of Canadians are taking at least 1 supplement, and most aren’t aware of exactly what they’re taking; one has to read the ingredients, specifically the non-medicinal ingredients. I will help educate you on not only the quality of the product you’re taking, and the supplements required for you at this time.
  • I have chronic digestive upset, bowel and elimination problems.
    A well functioning digestive system is absolutely essential for every aspect of good health. There are a number of factors that contribute to a poorly functioning digestive system. These can include genetic predispositions, not producing sufficient digestive enzymes, stress, food sensitivities and intolerances, eating too quickly, lack of hydration, among other things. Digestion tells you a lot about your health if you’re willing to investigate. We can do that together.
  • I have chronic yeast infections.
    Yeast infections are often a result of “bad” bacteria or fungus in the body that can be the result of antibiotic use, steroid use, and / or too much sugar consumption. We can restore the natural, beneficial flora of the gut and intestines and attempt to balance the body’s pH by eliminating certain things and adding others. It is possible to ease and eliminate recurring bladder and yeast infections with my support.
  • I am a parent and I am struggling to feed my family nourishing food. I worry about the eating habits of my family.
    For busy parents, stressing about their children eating well is very common. I support parents to develop strategies to help their child get and stay on the path to healthy food habits and enhance their positive relationship with food as they grow. This will look different for every family.
  • I am trying to lose weight.
    Every body is different, and every weight loss journey requires a unique approach. For most people, getting locked into cycles of deprivation and diets does not help them keep weight off, and can actually cause the body to hold onto unwanted pounds. The whole idea behind weight loss is to balance your body chemistry. For example, women who are prone to the abdominal apron of fat often find that addressing not only food choices, but blood sugar issues, and stress management is helpful. A Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant can help you understand the power of slow burning fuel, the importance of protein, avoiding blood sugar spikes, while focusing on conscious, mindful eating, food prep, nourishing recipes, physical activity and sleep. These are just some of the topics we will cover in developing a sustainable weight loss plan designed specifically for you.
  • I am under a lot of stress and feeling burnt out.
    In achieving optimal health, balancing both the physical and emotional aspects of the body are essential. Mind and body are both interrelated and interdependent. Anxiety, fear, anger - all of these emotions stimulate the stress glands (adrenal glands) to produce hormones that can make us sick and suppress our immune response. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue will manifest differently from person to person. We can explore your symptoms and make changes to address stress and heal the exhausted adrenal glands, improving your quality of life.
  • I frequently experience brain fog, lightheadedness and a drop in my energy throughout the day, especially between 2-4pm. I drink a lot of coffee and crave sugar."
    The most common cause of this is a drop in blood sugar, often referred to as hypoglycemia. Drinking several coffees a day, eating refined sugar, chocolate, and white carbs are normal responses for this condition, as a way to boost energy. The energy spike results in an inevitable drop to follow, which is linked to the “spells” of extreme fatigue and brain fog. So, once again, you might drink coffee or eat sugar and the cycle repeats itself. This is often referred to as the “blood sugar rollercoaster"! The most effective way to control these fluctuations in blood sugar is to fuel your body on a consistent basis with balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Managing this condition is often also the key to weight loss. I can educate you further on how to do this.
  • I have sleep issues and rarely feel rested.
    Lack of sleep is not simply an inconvenience, it can have serious impacts on our health. Sleep is incredibly important in keeping our immune system functioning at a high level. A Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant can help guide you in identifying your triggers and creating the essential environment to ensure more rest and optimizing restorative sleep. We will identify the importance of sleep hygiene, reducing stimulants, limiting electronics, a good bedtime routine and the importance of consuming enough protein throughout the day, among other things that may impact your sleep quality.
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