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Holistic Nutrition
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Adding Supplements to Your Wellness Journey

There are a variety of supplements available today. It can be overwhelming trying to determine where to start. At present, approximately 50% of Canadians take supplements, and most aren’t aware of exactly what they’re taking; one has to read the ingredients, specifically the non-medicinal ingredients. 


I personally recommend Nature’s Sunshine products, mainly, because it’s what I know and trust. I have taken NS supplements since I was a child. I can guarantee the quality of these supplements for my clients. 


Nature’s Sunshine supplements go through rigorous testing including raw material sourcing; only the cleanest, purest material becomes part of the products. The supplements are formulated for efficacy, having been tested and produced for over 40 years. 


Like diet, exercise, and lifestyle, supplement needs vary from person to person. Not everybody should take supplements. Some people benefit greatly from supplements. 


When you purchase Nature’s Sunshine supplements, I will be available to discuss and answer any questions.

Supplements and other dietary products are not sold directly through this site, or directly by Chelsi Ferguson.

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