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Sheet Pan Dinners

Uncomplicated & versatile, sheet pan dinners are like one-pot meals, but on a cookie sheet. They're the best type of healthy weeknight dinner: speedy, easy to clean up, and delicious.

Essentials for a sheet pan meal are:

  • One protein

  • One or more veg

  • Olive oil

  • Sea salt and pepper.

  • Additional garlic, herbs, spices, and lemon are welcome.

Just roast everything until perfection and serve.

Above, I made a wild salmon, cauliflower and potato sheet pan dinner.

I smothered my wild salmon with garden pesto, and then topped it with bread crumbs & raw crushed garlic, drizzled with olive oil. After prep, I laid the salmon out on a sheet pan (with parchment).

For the first side, I tossed cauliflower in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and turmeric, then laid it out flat on a separate sheet pan.

For the other, I cut up the few potatoes I found in my fridge and tossed with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and laid on a 3rd sheet pan.

I set the oven at 400 and put the 2 sheet pans of cauliflower and potatoes on the same rack for 25 mins. Then I added the 3rd sheet pan with salmon on a separate rack for another 15 mins. I flipped the cauliflower and potatoes along the way.

I took everything out and served it with fresh cilantro and lemon!


  • Spread it out - don't crowd the sheet pan. You want crispy, browned pieces. This won't happen if the pan is crowded.

  • As a rule, I don't combine veg. I often make more than 1, but I use different sheet pans so they roast more evenly.

  • Protein such as bone-in, or skin on chicken thighs roasts really well. If you use lean protein like chicken breasts or tofu, be generous with the olive oil.

  • Brighten your finish: add herbs, citrus, garlic, chili, etc to the finished product for extra flavor.

  • A salad makes a great fresh side to a roasted dinner.

  • Get creative: literally...almost anything can roast on a sheet pan and taste delicious.


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