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Egg Bites

I often recommend Baked Egg Cup Bites as a meal prep item because they’re:

Easy to make


A healthy breakfast or snack on the go

Adaptable to what you have / like

High in protein and full of veggies

They also freeze well so you can double, or triple your volume and even make a few different kinds for the week(s) ahead.

Egg Bites recipe halifax nutrition nova scotia


  • Minimum 6 eggs

  • 1 TBSP water

  • Sea Salt and Pepper, to taste


  • Veggies: broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, fresh or sundried tomatoes, spinach, kale, onions, sweet potato, jalapenos, etc

  • Protein (pre-cooked): chicken, bacon, crumbled sausage, TVP, etc

  • Cheese: feta, goat, cheddar, parm - basically any cheese can work - or you can omit completely.

  • Herbs: chives, parsley, basil etc


  • Preheat oven to 400.

  • Whisk minimum 6 eggs in a bowl with 1 TBSP water, sea salt and pepper. This is the egg base.

  • Add additional chopped ingredients from there - no definitive measurements.

  • Line a muffin tin with liners or grease.

  • Pour the egg mixture in until it almost reaches the top.

  • Bake for 20 mins until crisp around the edges, and puffed up (they’ll collapse back down).

Store in tupperware or eat immediately!


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