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Simple Perfect Eggs

High protein snacks are slow burning fuel, keeping us satisfied longer, giving us more steady energy, balancing blood sugar (minimizing mood swings & improving focus), better portion control & nourishment.

Unless you’re vegan, one of the best high-protein snacks are eggs!

Chickpea Soup Healthy Self Halifax

Ways to enjoy

  • Gently dropping an egg in boiling water for exactly 7 mins makes a wonderfully jammy egg, perfect with sea salt & fresh pepper.

  • A fried egg in a bit of olive oil makes for delicious crispy edges and soft centre.

  • Egg cups can be made by whisking eggs with seasoning, chopped veg, additional protein & cheese then poured into a muffin tin; bake at 350 for 12 mins and keep in the fridge or freezer for quick snacks & lunches throughout the week.

  • My son loves to scramble eggs with oat milk, sea salt & pepper.

Eggs are an amazing food!

  • linked to disease prevention, especially heart disease

  • improves liver & brain function

  • protects skin & eyes from UV damage

  • contains vital nutrients like B12 and selenium, among others

  • improves skin health

I opt for free-range, organic eggs over cage-raised eggs. Free range eggs are more nutritionally dense and ethically raised - and are 98% less likely to carry salmonella.


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